With the recent changes to the hospitality industry  due to Covid, 2Taps WineBar approached us to improve their website and provide their customers a place to view their menus online. They were doing away with food & drinks menus and would now use the website as their full menu. Customers now scan a QR code on arrival which directs them straight to the menu page on the website. The website had to run fast and responsive to mobile phone layouts.
Another feature they wanted was a fixed button offering a lunch time deal. The offer must be placed on the top right-hand side of the website.

What we Did

We rebuilt their wordpress website using the latest technologies, ReactJS & Gatsby. These are great for building app like websites which load up quickly and give the website an app like feel where you click a link and the page loads almost instantaneously. The menu section was one of the most important pages for the website. We worked on the overall experience on using the menu, giving users easy buttons at the top and bottom of the menu to ensure they can browse through their menu with ease.


Having a full food and drinks menu on the website has worked extremely well for us. Now customers can not only access our menu when dining but also at home or work for example. The website operates at an amazingly fast level which customers always give great feed back on. Using QR codes on arrival directing them to our website and menus is very handy. If you decide to change something that maybe is not selling well or have run out of a certain item, you can just take it off the menu straight away. Saving time and printing costs. Great for marketing your business, updating your website, adding new items and offers, pushing best sellers. Another feature we added to our website was a lunch time offer which sits on the top right of the screen, once entering the website. This meant for example if customers were having dinner, they would also see our lunchtime deal and could plan to come back for lunch a day.