A new Kind of Digital Agency

Beach Bee is your one stop shop for digital services. We have specific specialists for each service offered, ensuring you are getting the best performance, knowledge and value - it is their sole occupation and focus, ensuring there is no compromise regardless if you need help with one digital aspect or several.

Based in Belfast, we get the craic. We understand the problems faced by Startups and SMEs, it can often be daunting and nerve-wracking establishing your business in a busy online environment. That's why BeachBee is here to help! Regardless of your skill level, we are happy to offer advice or deliver the work you need to ensure your business is a digital success.

Sometimes small businesses believe they don’t have the time, nor the money, to be competitive online, and this is wrong! It costs much less than you might think (Check out our free quotes). Your customers are online, and whether you want to impress them with a snappy website or rank #1 in your google search terms, we can help convince them your business is the only one for the job.